Rebuilt Ford Differentials

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How to Identify Your Ford Differential

Ford differential tags numbers are ordered as year, month and day with the month of manufacture following the format of A for January, B for February, C for March and so on. A Ford tag number will appear something like 13B07 which signifies February 7, 2013. The letters I and O are skipped to avoid confusion with the numbers 1 and 0.

rebuilt ford differential identification month code

Ford Differential Tag Decoding

ford differential ID tag
ford differential identification
Ford Differential Tag Decoding

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Rebuilt Ford 7 1/4″

The Rebuilt Ford 7 1/4 inch integral carrier differential used in light duty applications like the six cylinder Falcon, Comet, Mustang, and Fairlane. This is called an integral carrier differential because the differential is an integral part of the axle housing. Axle ratios are 2.83:1, 3.00:1, and 3.20:1. Most common are 2.83:1 and 3.20:1. If you want economy, use the 2.83:1 ratio. If snap is more important, use the 3.20:1 ratio.

Ford 7.5-inch integral-carrier rearend

The Rebuilt Ford 7.5-inch integral-carrier rearend used in the 74 – 78 Mustang II and the 79- 84 Fox body Mustangs. Like the Ford 7-1/4-inch axle the 7.5 has the differential and axle housing in one unit

Ford 8.8 Differential

Rebuilt Ford 8.8 differential, rear end. We offer the full line of rear end parts for the Ford 8.8 inch differential. This differential was utilized by Ford as early as 1981 in the F-100 pickup, Broncos in 1981 to 1984, E-150 Vans starting in 1983. Mercury’s including Capri and Cougars starting in 1986. Ring Gear DIAMETER 8.8″, 10 7/16″ X 20 RH THREADED BOLTS. PINION DIAMETER 1.626″ 30 SPLINE, Cover Bolt Ft. Lbs. 28-38, Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 16-29, Pinion Brg. Preload In. Lbs 8-14 Used, Ring Gear Backlash .008-.015, Ring Gear Bolt to case Ft. Lbs. 70-85, Side Brg. Caps Ft. Lbs. 70-85

Ford Differential 9″

The Rebuilt Ford 9-inch differential, removable-carrier rear axle. Like the 8-inch unit, the 9-inch is a two piece axle with a removable differential carrier. The 9-inch axle was produced a variety of ways for Ford’s heavier duty applications, fullsize Galaxies, pickup trucks, and big-block V-8 automobiles. Axle ratios range from 2.55:1 to 4.30:1 from the factory.

10.25 and 10.50 Differentials

Ford 10.25 and 10.50 Differentials. Rebuilt 12 bolt rear cover with 10.25″ ring gear. most applications were full floating however some applications do have C-clip axles. Differentials older than 1993 will require a new yoke to be compatible with a new ring and pinion. We offer a complete line of rebuilt rear end parts for the Rebuilt Ford 9.75″ differential. High quality ring and pinion sets in all ratios. High quality bearing rear end bearing overhaul kits including pinion bearings, pinion seal, crush sleeve, pinion nut, shims, ring gear bolts, marking compound and gasket. Including aftermarket and OEM gear sets. Specifications: R.G. Diameter 9.75″, 12-12MM x 26 RH Threaded Pinion Diameter 1.970 31 Splines, 12 Bolt Cover

The most common Rebuilt Ford differential axle combo was the 8-inch removable-carrier unit. The differential bolts to the axle housing as a separate unit. The removable carrier is nicknamed the “pumpkin,” “chunk,” or “third member” . It has an 8-inch-diameter ring gear. Available ratios are 2.79:1, 2.80:1, 3.00:1, and 3.25:1.