Eaton Differential

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How To Identify Your Differential Parts

Ring Gear and Drive Pinion are matched parts and must be replaced in sets. Check the appropriate Eaton Axle parts book for part numbers and ordering instructions. To aid in identifying gear sets, both parts are stamped with such information as number of pinion and ring gear teeth, individual part number and matched set number.

Identifying an Eaton differential

Eaton Model Number Index, New & Used

Eaton Front Differential

DS381 DS381-P DS401 DS401-P DS402 DS402-P DS404 DS404-P DS460-P DS461-P DS480-P

Eaton Rear Differential

RS381 RS401 RS402 RS404 RS460 RS461 RS480

Eaton Front With Traction Control

DC402-P DC461-P

Eaton Single Axle

15040S 19050S 22121 23121

Eaton Rear with Traction Control

RC402 RC461 RC480

Eaton Single Axle Traction Control


Eaton Single Axle 2 Speed

15040T 16244 17221 18221 19050T 23221