Rebuilt Rockwell Transfer Case

We also stock replacement parts for all Rebuilt Rockwell transfer case models, replacement parts, overhaul kits,and more. We have been successfully delivering transfer cases, transmissions, differentials, axles, PTOs and more truck parts for over 20 years and offer a one-year unlimited mileage warranty on all rebuilt transfer cases we sell!

For assistance identifying the individual parts for your transfer case, view or download transfer case diagrams, manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page.

Rebuilt Rockwell transfer case models available:

T 136
T 138
T 1138

T 221
T 223
T 226
T 228

Remember that when you service gears, the manufacturer recommends you replace all mating gears for the best quality repair. We stock all transfer case replacement parts, gears and kits. One call to us and we can provide international shipping with same day service.

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