Spicer Transfer Case

Spicer transfer caseSpicer Transfer Cases are adaptable to meet mid-ship mount and stationary applications in addition to direct mount to a variety of Spicer transmissions which provides an integral assembly for more efficient vehicle use. On sand, ice, snow, mud or severe grades, there is nothing like all-wheel drive to take you through really tough terrain. With our transfer case, you can take your big trucks to where the work is, simply by pulling a lever and engaging the front wheel drive.

Spicer Transfer Cases should be standard equipment on most “all-purpose” vehicles such as lumber fleets, snow plow vehicles and oil field hauling because it delivers maximum power in all transmission speeds. Spicer Transfer Cases can be coupled directly to a Spicer auxiliary transmission.

Spicer transfer cases can be coupled directly to a Spicer auxiliary transmission, providing full torque capacity to both front and rear axles.

Spicer Transfer Case Models:

  • Dana Model 28

  • Dana / Spicer 18

  • Dana / Spicer 20

  • Dana Model 300

  • Spicer Model 18

  • Spicer Model 20

  • Spicer Model 21

  • Spicer Model 24

  • Spicer Model 28

Transfer Case Applications:

  • Transit Mixer

  • Logging Trucks
  • Military Vehicles

  • Dump & Block Trucks

  • Fire Trucks

  • Sweepers

  • Oil & Water Drilling Rigs

  • Agriculture & Mining Trucks

For assistance identifying the individual parts for your transfer case, view or download transfer case diagrams, manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page.

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