Rebuilt Rockwell Differentials

rockwell-RRL 23160 differentialWe also stock replacement parts for all differential models, kits, rebuild kits, and more. Differential and parts available for all Rockwell models. We have been successfully delivering differentials, transmissions, transfer cases, axles, PTOs and more truck parts for over 20 years and offer a one year unlimited mileage warranty on all rebuilt differentials we sell! Whatever model you need, contact us and we can locate it for you.

Rebuilt Rockwell Differential Models Available:

Single Speed Differential

  • F106
  • R170
  • RS20145
  • RS23160

Two Speed Differential

  • RS15210
  • RS17220
  • RS 15-120 S/A
  • RS 23-160 S/A
  • RS21230
  • RS 13-120 S/A
  • RS 17-140 S/A

Front Differential

  • SQHD
  • SQ100
  • SQ100-P
  • SSHD
  • RT40-145
  • RD20145
  • RDL20145
  • RPL20145
  • SQHP
  • RT46-160
  • RD23160
  • RDL20145
  • RP20145
  • RDL23-160
  • RP23-160
  • RPL23160

Rear Differential

  • SQHP
  • SQAR
  • SQHD
  • SQ100
  • SSHD
  • RT-40-145
  • RR20145
  • RRL20145
  • RR23160
  • RRL23160
  • RT46-160

For assistance identifying the individual parts for your differential, view or download differential manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page. See images below for assistance in identifying your ring & pinion, click the images for a larger view:

How to identify your Rockwell ring and pinion

Some unit’s numbers are located on the edge of the ring gear.

identifying your Rockwell differential

Retreive these stamped numbers inside of ring gear holes, between bolt holes.

How to identify your differential

Take note of the stamped numbers off the end of the pinion where the nut goes on. The tooth count is used for determining the ratio.

Rebuilt Rockwell Differential Assembly:

  • 132-C
  • 145
  • 145R
  • 5800W
  • Centruty Class 120
  • D100
  • D140
  • FLC112SD
  • H150
  • H170
  • H172
  • L9000
  • LN8000
  • MD20143
  • MR20143M
  • R200
  • RH23160
  • RS16145
  • RS17140
  • RS17145
  • RS19145
  • RS21145
  • RS23161
  • RS23180
  • RS23186
  • RSL23160
  • RSL23180
  • SQHS
  • SQR100
  • U200
  • RT52185

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