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New Venture Gear Transfer Case

We also stock replacement parts for all New Venture Gear transfer models, overhaul kits, many more New Venture Gear transfer case models and parts available.

To view or download transfer case diagrams, manuals and parts lists visit our manuals page.

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rebuilt New Venture Gear transfer case

Below are some of the New Venture Gear transfer case models for sale we have in stock.

NP 203
NP 207
NP 208
NP 229
NP 231
NP 233
NP 241

NP 242
NP 243
NP 246
NP 247
NP 249
NP 271
NP 273
NP 2284

If you don’t find the model you are looking for, give us a call. We have all makes and models available.

Transfer case model nomenclature
Manufacturer Number of speeds/gears Strength Type
NP = New Process Gear
NV = New Venture Gear
1 = One speed (high range)
2 = Two speed (high and low range)
1 (low) to 7 (high) 1 = Part-time 4WD
2 = Full-time 4WD
3 = Electronic shift
4 = Not currently used
5 = Torsen-type differential
6 = Computer-controlled multi-plate wet clutch
7 = GeroDisc
8 = Not currently used
9 = Viscous coupling
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